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Randolph Huiting, CFA®, CFP®

With worldwide experience gained from leadership positions in both investment and credit management, Randy personally serves the financial needs of the valued clients with insights that few invest professionals have.

Randy received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State university and his MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He continued his education to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation while he gained invaluable experience over a ten-year period in which he handled domestic and international credit and finance for Manufacturers National Bank and General Motors Acceptance corporation. In 1993, Randy joined AG Edwards, now Wells Fargo Advisors, as an institutional investment professional and later expended his practice to assist individual investors. Randy is also a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and an accredited Executive Panning Consultant.

A very active supporter of the community that has given him so much, Randy serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations and is active with the World Affairs Council of America. Away from the office, Randy enjoys traveling the world with his two daughters and experiencing cultures through exploring their history and foods. At home he is an avid cook, loves to fly-fish and explore plein air painting in a variety of mediums. Having grown up in northern Michigan, Randy has enjoyed calling Evergreen his home for more than 25 years while his two daughters, Leah and Erin, now live in Boston and San Francisco.

CA Lic. #0E46031

Wendy Yanish

As a founding partner, Wendy brings more than 25 years of financial services experience to the highly attentive and exceptional service that clients receive. Additionally, Wendy provides support with investment research and trading.

Having worked at Merrill Lynch and Commercial Federal Bank in customer service, cash management and margin functions, Wendy has an enhanced ability and perspective in proactively anticipating possible issues – and resolving them, in many cases, before clients even become aware of them. Wendy’s designation as a Senior Registered Associate also allows her to assist clients with equity and option trading, fixed income investments, and general investment questions.

Wendy attended Oklahoma University and the University of Utah. While Wendy remains an avid skier and enjoys hiking, biking, and golfing, she now expresses her creativity through art – pastel, oil paints and water color mediums. Wendy, her two sons, Skyler and Brayden, have enjoyed making Evergreen their home for over 25 years.

Candace Lee Allen

Candy Allen laughingly quotes Rita Mae Brown, when she says, “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” With over 40 years working as a financial advisor, Candy has participated in good markets and bad, and has gained widespread experience in the variations and nuances of the financial markets. This allows her to provide insight and knowledge that others may not have, and enables her to offer clients investment advice with focused financial strategies designed around long-term goals and risk tolerance objectives.

Candy wants her clients to build, grow and transfer their assets in a manner which allows them to achieve their life dreams. Utilizing her background and ongoing financial training, she provides an integrated approach to her clients’ finances to help them develop and continually update balanced, diversified portfolios that address their unique, personal goals.

Candy began her financial services career at E.F. Hutton, after getting a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. To stay current with the continually evolving changes in the industry, she is constantly reading financial research and taking financial training classes in many disciplines.

Away from the office, Candy, and her husband, Bob, enjoy traveling and seeing the world. “Mark Twain said it best”, she says, “when he said, ‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. ’ ”

CA Lic. #0B80324

Robert Woodward

Bob’s superpowers are his communication skills. He has become an expert in delivering critical information that recipients can understand as a result of various vital projects he has led throughout his career. He has presented to NASA executives on new spacecraft a company is proposing and briefed the U.S. Air Force why a rocket blew up and their spy satellite unsuccessfully reached orbit, just to name a few.

Bob has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He worked for United Technologies Corporation in California as both an Engineering and Quality Assurance Manager on various aerospace programs including the Space Shuttle and Minutemen mission plans. He has had plenty of experience writing technical reports, assembly procedures for rocket parts, and creating proposals vying for funding aimed at new endeavors.

His professional experiences have inspired him to always seek adventures, especially on his vacations. Bob once flew to the country of Nepal to join other engineers for a two-week trek throughout he Himalayas. One day, he did pass up the chance to see an ancient “Bigfoot” skull in exchange for sitting in front of a warm fire and drinking several glasses of Nepali Aeylaa (essentially Nepali tequila). However, little did he know it was the best decision he ever made and led him to what was to be the most exciting ride of his life. Turned out he met his bride that evening...yes, financial advisor, Candy Allen (see bio above).

When Bob learned more about Candy’s business, he recognized that the corporate communication she was sending to her clients was as about as exciting as reading a dictionary. So, he began writing cover letters for Candy’s business correspondence, developing birthday cards for her clients, and producing the financial reports she needed for customer reviews. His philosophy was that the financial information is important, but the narrative had to be interesting enough for the people to in fact read the material and comprehend the information. Now Bob is our fulltime Marketing Associate and communications guru.


Mascot / Multi-generational liaison

Rocky, our Old English Sheepdog, lives up to his zodiac sign. Born on July 30th, 2018, this Leo is both social and independent all at the same time. He’s the perfect mascot because he represents all our company stands for-ambitious, creative, considerate, and leaving a positive impact wherever he goes. In fact, on his 4-month birthday, he was treated to a Thanksgiving weekend at Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. By the time the trip was over, hotel staff and guests alike fell in love with Rocky. It was as if he had his own paparazzi. He had taken more selfies with fans young and old than a movie star walking the red carpet. Rocky is not modest about how much he is loved. On his own accord he bolted from his parents, Bob Woodward and Candy Allen, to photobomb a 4-generation family reunion picture. Rocky completely halted the photo sesh so he could he could be doted on from every single family member. They didn’t mind at all that he completely interrupted them because he made them laugh and smile. The family couldn’t get enough, and neither can we!

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